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Photography Academy in Pune

photography academy in pune

Photography is an imaginative art. The technicalities are very important when it comes to photography academy. This is the skill, job or process of producing photographs and a photographer is someone who takes pictures, especially as their job. A photograph is said to be a universal language. Photography Academy in Pune is all about capturing light with a camera. The very first photograph was captured by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in France in 1826. It is very necessary for photographers to have good knowledge about lights and how photography is affected by light.

Most well-known photographer Ansel Adams said “ when words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” This is why they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. It's a fact undoubtedly. Photography is not just clicking pictures randomly. It needs a skill, an eye of the vision and the technique to collaborate with this modern and demanding world.

Photography Academy in Pune

To learn all the minute details and technical aspects of images is it necessary. Photographers create and save images that paint a picture or tell a story or record an event. To create good quality photographs, technical expertise, creativity, and the appropriate professional equipment is necessary

Various techniques are used for photography. Many software is used by photographers such as illustrator and Corel draw. These software are used for editing images. Many times a normal image can u edited or merged into something very unique.

Clicking a good quality picture requires choosing and presenting a subject to gain a particular effect, and choosing the right cameras and other tools. For example, photographers may enhance the subject's features with natural or artificial light, click the subject from various angles, draw attention to a particular aspect of the subject by blurring the background and using many kinds of lenses to produce the desired level of detailing at various distances from the subject.

Photography Course in Pune Or Photography School in Pune?

What does a photograph do? it simply captures the things which no one could imagine to do so.it captures time and the light, But before that, you must know the right time to capture the light and perfect light to capture the running time. You need all this collaboration to click an amazing photograph. To become a well-known photographer you must assimilate a few qualities like patience, strong mental and physical conditions, an eye of a photographer and most important is an ideal technique before every single click. You will get this technique in course from photography school.

Here in photography course in pune, we shall provide you everything that will need you to become an ideal photographer. We are well equipped with the latest tools and technologies, we have experts from the fields, passionate learners across the globe and most important we are bound to your dream. We are committed to your shining future.

Here in photography course in Pune, You will learn the ABCD of the photography through practical learning you will see yourself transforming completely, you will be the only evidence of your grooming personality. don't think much, just visit our academy once and get a glimpse of a perfectionist lies within you. We have three certified courses for photography.
1) Certification Course - 6 Months
2) Diploma in Photography - 12 Months
3) Advanced Diploma in Photography - 24 Months

Types of Cameras Used in Photography.

There are various cameras that have been invented throughout the years.

DSLR Camera

DSLR camera means Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera. DSLR is the most famous or renowned kind of cameras. Professional photographers always have at least one DSLR in their setup. Full frame and half frame options are available in DSLR cameras. There are many kinds of DSLRs with various budgets and accessories. DSLR,s record images in their raw format. The images can be edited later on through various softwares. Nikon and Canon are the two main manufacturers of these cameras. In our Photography Academy in Pune, we teach various tricks related to DSLR.

Film Camera

Film cameras are the ones that photography started with. In the early days of cameras, films were used as a medium recording images. Later on, films were replaced by memory cards and other forms of storage. Due to lack of demand manufacturers have stopped producing such cameras. In our photography school in Pune we covers this camera type.

Instant Cameras / Polaroids

Like the name suggests instant cameras can print images right after clicking. Polaroid co operations were the company that first introduced these cameras in the market which is why they are commonly known as polaroids.

Rugged Cameras

Waterproof and Shockproof Cameras are known as Rugged cameras. They are similar to shoot or action cameras. These cameras are extremely rough and tough they are made for all-terrain cameras.

Mirrorless Camera

A Mirrorless camera is a DSLR whose optical viewfinder is removed. You can get both Crop frame camera bodies as well as full-frame camera bodies in mirrorless cameras. Sony A7RII is the current best full-frame mirrorless camera body.

Point and Shoot camera

Point and shoot are good quality basic phones from

Types Of Photography

Landscape Photography

Pictures taken of natural elements is called landscape photography. Clicking pictures of the scenery, sunsets, trees, etc are included in landscape photography.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is one of the oldest kinds of photography. It can range from photographs of family members to pets etc.

Event Photography

Mostly rookie photographers are said to practice at weddings and events but that doesn't mean that they don't require any skills. A person practising this kind of photography needs extremely good portrait shooting and editing.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography captures models and celebrities in glamorous lights. This requires excellent directing skills. With CineCraft, Photography Academy in Pune you will learn best Fashion Photo tips.

Long Exposure Photography.

This kind of photography makes use of extra editing tools. Magical effects are added to this kind of photography. Softwares such as Corel draw ad photoshop etc help in creating amazing special effects for these photos. The goal is to create beautiful illusions.

Aerial Photography

In aerial photography is the kind where images are clicked from a very high altitude. From hot air balloons helicopters etc. Many photographers use drones to get such pictures from and a high altitude nowadays as technology has made man's work easier.

Wildlife Photography

This genre focuses on animals and their natural habitat. Mainly this photography is carried out in forests. Apart from good camera patience and skills are also very much necessary to carry out this kind of photography.

Sports and Action

This type of photography focuses on capturing images in a decisive moment in an event of the sport. Clicking pictures while the subject is in motion is known as action or sports photography. Action cameras are used in this photography.

Macro Photography

In Macro Photography the images are shot at a very zoomed distance. The images in macro photography are shot at a much closer range than usual pictures.

What Do Academies Teach When It Comes To Photography?

Most academies teach technical aspects of photography and focus on theoretical knowledge. This kind of knowledge makes a person well-knowledged but not well experienced. The only way to learn photography correctly is through a lot of practical experience. A person's imagination can only do so much for not being able to practice. It is very important that handling of the camera, use of lenses etc is understood by the student.

What Does Cinecraft Academy Teach?

CineCraft Academy teaches photography right from the basics. When it comes to the practical knowledge, Cinecraft academy provides the best hands-on experience to the students to get an all-round experience for the students. The students get used to handling the camera adjusting the right type of lenses and being familiar with the whole process.

Who Can Take Admission For Photography At Cinecraft Institute?

Any student aspiring to become a photographer and is looking forward towards a successful career in the Film and Television industry can join at Cinecraft Academy. Visit to know about Acting Academy in Pune

Top photography Class in Pune Will Win

Photography is an top art so no specific parameter to measure the class one from the same two clicks (specially Pune). But, instead of this thing photographs are loudly told you that which click is done by accuracy. So for differentiating those photographers from the normal one we provide them with an award.

Now, one question is arise in front of us that which is the best photography award in the world all-time?

Let's talk about the top 3 awards

3. The National Geographic Photo Contest

This award is the main dream of every photographer. This award is a respected, popular and revered honour for photographers for each and every corner of this world. Every year contest gets announced after that photographer should have to submit their photos with proper caption. Contest manager will disclose the result on the decided date. For applying here you have to fill there one form and some nominal fee. Your submitted photo should be well captioned.

2. Monovision Photography Awards

this award is only for those photographers who are willing to make their career in monochrome photography. This award allows you to win cash price $5000 and anyone form the world can participate in it. Photography school in pune will do this also. This photography awards content two sub contest one is Black and White Photo of the Year, and other is Black and White Series of the Year. Also, monovision photography contains 12 more topics like Landscapes, Abstract, People, Architecture, Conceptual, Travel, People, Nature & Wildlife, Street Photography, Fine Art, Portrait, Photojournalism, and Nude.

1. The IPA or International Photography Awards

IPA award is a topmost award in the Photography industry. They selected first 3 winners for the Gala Event in New York City. This is the greatest achievement for every photographer. There are only 45 photographers can be selected for the first round of the contest. There is some entry fee for every photographer. Our photography academy in Pune is continuously trying to send their student like such competition. Once Photographer wins title then he can easily become famous and also boost up his confidence.

Best Photography Course in Pune For Career

We discussed lots of things related to photography course. But the main part is earning bread and butter from it and specially in pune. As we know that, it has very vast opportunities to work lets discussed best from them.

Drone Photographers

This is one of the latest job related to photography course. There is a parallel growth between drone technology and drone photography. To work in this field you should have knowledge about drone handling and obviously photography too.

This kind of photographer usually takes photographs of huge buildings, big events and the landscape area.

Fine Arts Photographers

We think that these photographers have lots of freedom as compared to others. They can sell their photograph as art too.

In this field, photographers took lots of clicks with the same object but he or she uses lots of light effects and tries different angles. In our photography course in Pune, we cover this topic by masters

Portrait Photographers

These photographers are specialized in a single person or group photography. They are having lots of work for taking the perfect click. It has two main parts outdoor shoot and studio shoot.

I studio photographers use various lights and setups to finding perfect click. Outdoor shoot includes maximum light from nature. This is mostly happening in the ceremony or specific function.

Scientific Photographers

It includes a career in the health sector. This kind of photography is the most popular in the USA. While doing a career in scientific photographer must have knowledge about microscope and biology too. So you can look forward with this best photography career.

The main target for them to capture the accurate image with a microscope. photography academy in Pune provides our student with basic knowledge about it.

Top ranked institute for photography

Being in Pune affords us several advantages in terms of resources and opportunities. With its vibrant theatre and culture scene and its wholehearted celebration of festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Pune serves up continuous shooting inspiration. The city also hosts large corporate and manufacturing majors like Tata Motors, Bajaj Auto, Mahindra & Mahindra, which represents commercial potential. Last, but certainly not least, it is but a 4-hour drive from Mumbai, the film and advertising capital of India, where opportunity awaits you CineCraft Academy will help you to achieve this.

10 Tips While Taking Photography Classes

There are many ideas on how to get yourself to push through an artistic block or inspire you to further expand your boundaries. Not all of them involve the camera. Several websites and books publish a mix of assignments or exercises for the intrepid photographer. We prefer the exercises that 1) involve using your camera, 2) are less assignment-based, and 3) are fun!

Take 2 dozen photographs

Pick a location. Stand in one spot and make 24 unique photographs while standing in the same place. You cannot move your feet.

Pick one out of 10

Take 10 unique and/or abstract photographs of 1 small subject. A small tip, the small subject should not be “City of Lights, Mumbai”

Check all the 4 corners

Choose one subject and place it, where it exists, in each corner of the frame for 4 images.

Can you go to the other side of the subject? Do the same. Shoot all four sides in all four corners if possible. See what you come up with!

Create artificial restrictions

Sometimes having restrictions gives a motivation to do the best things. Create restrictions for a day or weekend of shooting. This limit may include: 

Only one prime lens, location, B&W or Manual mode only, etc. 

Shoot a “Roll of Film

Go somewhere you have wanted to go to take photos but have been procrastinating about visiting. With your digital camera, shoot a “Roll of 24 or 36 exposures.” After 24 or 36 exposures, you are out of “film.”

Look and think before shooting, knowing you only have a finite amount of “film.” If this does not force you to make more critical decisions regarding your images, pretend you bought a roll of 12 exposures! When you are out of the film, just walk around or sit and enjoy the place.

Twelve Abstracts

Photograph a dozen abstracts of a common object. Depending on the size of the object, you may need a macro lens or telephoto. 

Portable Subject

Carry a subject with you and put it in the frame no matter where you are shooting.

Think about the famous travelling gnome. Bring a favourite “thing” on your outing and figure out how to include it in your images. Notice how it dictates framing and composition. Be creative with the placement of your portable subject.

Change Up

Try a different genre of photography. Are you a studio portrait photographer? Try street photography for a day or weekend. Architectural photographer? Shoot sports at a local park.

Two Trips

Put your camera somewhere safe. Walk somewhere without a camera and look for photographs. When you reach your destination, walk back over the same route while still looking for photos. Finally, with the camera in hand, retrace your steps for the third time and capture those photographs. If in the field, leave your camera in your camera bag. Do not pull it out until you get back to the start. No cheating. Be disciplined. Look hard. Be observant. Walk slowly. Your 180-degree perspective will reveal as much or more.

Design Your Own

Take bits and pieces from what is above or come up with anything that gets you to take creative images and break through walls. 

Make your carrier in photography learn courses from industry experts, government authorized training center in Pune. Students will have the opportunity for internship project

Photography is the art, application, and exercise of creating durable photos by using recording light, either electronically with the aid of an picture sensor, or chemically through a light-touchy cloth along with photographic movie. It is hired in many fields of technological know-how, manufacturing (e.g.photolithography), and commercial enterprise, as well as its greater direct uses for art, movie and video manufacturing, leisure functions, hobby, and mass conversation.

Typically, a lens is used to awareness the light pondered or emitted from gadgets right into a real picture at the mild-touchy surface inner a digicam throughout a timed publicity. With an digital picture sensor, this produces an electrical price at each pixel, that's electronically processed and stored in a digital photo document for next display or processing. The result with photographic emulsion is an invisible latent picture, that's later chemically "developed" right into a seen photo, both terrible or high quality, relying on the motive of the photographic fabric and the approach of processing. A bad photograph on film is traditionally used to photographically create a high quality image on a paper base, called a print, either by the usage of an enlarger or via contact printing.

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