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Photography Coureses In Pune

In the age of digitization, Photography is that one profession which will never fade away. Photography is art of story-telling through just one static picture. And to achieve expertise in photography one needs to know every detail about photography. For becoming a successful photographer one must grasp the technique and small nuances of photography. Along with technical knowledge, one needs to develop creative power, too for becoming an efficient photographer.  But for grasping these qualities one needs a proper direction along with a passion to pursue a successful career in this field. Cinecraft Academy of Films & Television is the best institute for Photography course in Pune. 

Photography course at Cinecraft Academy of Films & Television covers all the important topics. For convenience of student we have divided photography courses into short term course and long term courses. Long term course of Photography gives detailed knowledge of photography. Learn beyond basic and become professional photographer with this photography course of Cinecraft Academy. Our modules include history of photography, anatomy of camera, Photoshop, types of camera, studio lighting, types of photography, etc. Students also get benefit of handling camera, outdoor and indoor shoots and chance to create their own portfolio. 

For outdoor shoots students are taken to various locations. ‘Showreel’ is another advantage of this photography course. This course helps students in understanding lens type and camera modes in detail. Apart from technical understanding Cinecraft Academy’s photography course helps to develop the creativity of student, improves their observation skills, helps them to work in team and keep patience while working. This course will help to create students their own style and become master of photography.   

After completing course at Cinecraft Academy, students will receive plenty of opportunities to work. Photography is a blooming field which will provide numerous work opportunities. Students will get chance to work with media agencies, tv channels, as agencies, online brands, and companies as professional photographers or also to set up their own studios. They can expertize and get a chance to work as a fashion photographer, portrait photographer, event photographer, product photographer, street photographer, wedding photographer, wildlife photographer, etc. The options are unlimited the students could also start their own photo studios and kick start their career or business after learning photography through our long-term courses. Students will be benefited with the certification by Cinecraft Academy and if they are registered under the government batch they will receive a government certificate, too.


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