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Acting and Modelling- Kids

In today’s time millions of people dream about becoming an actor or actress. Acting is an art which needs proper training. People think acting is an inbuilt skill which is a complete myth but if you have passion then you can for sure be the king or queen of this industry. 

Along with grown-ups nowadays many kids are entering the acting industry and are doing well. If you feel your child often spends time in front of camera or mirror trying to enact someone. Then sure they have got the acting bug in them and they definitely need the right direction to pursue the same. Whether they want to make a career in acting or join it for hobby our modules can be instrumental in their self-development and boost their self confidence, improve their public speaking skills, team work, and get the ability to think creatively.

 If you want your kid to enter the acting world then it is preferable to learn acting formally. As acting needs training which starts from the basics of acting continued by facts and advanced training of it. And the most important factor for any actor or actress is to get their portfolio and photo-shoots. One such academy is Cinecraft Academy of Films & Television, Pune.


Cinecraft Academy of Film & Television is the professional acting school in Pune which converts your kid’s talent into professional career as an creative artist. We as an academy believe that there are no barriers such as age, gender, looks and educational background for an artist. We make sure that every student entering our academy must get equal attention to develop their skills and equal chance to display their talent.

The acting course begins with an introduction to dance, drama and expressions(9 Ras) to voice exercise, body exercise, postures,  personality development, body language, ramp walk, modelling, makeup, martial arts etc. This special kid acting course is designed to help kids understand and absorb acting skills at a young age which helps kids to prepare better. Benefits of kids acting course is that it helps them to become more interactive, confident, forget the stage fear, work in a team, and understands things in a better way. Also learning acting by industry professionals enhances their skills and helps them get more opportunities as an actor and model. 

Also a proper direction at every step of the journey in this field is a must and very few kids get a chance to live their dream. Cinecraft Academy provides unlimited auditions to your kids throughout the course. Along with that your kid gets his own portfolio and photo-shoot as an added benefit to their professional profile.


So if you want your kid to become a known actor or actress and get a stable career in this Industry, Cinecraft Academy of Film & Television is the right choice for your kid. The training which we offer to our students is given by the experts of the industry. With the intensive professional learning Cinecraft Academy of Film & Television is the best acting institute in Pune for you kid offering various modules to choose from.


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Film Making

Film Making

Film Making

Film Making Courses in Pune


In today’s time movies are the best medium to convey your thoughts to masses. Filmmaking encompasses a lot of subgenres. Filmmakers can be TV producers, movie production, web series, OTT outputs, Instagram celebrities, or art house directors. Each school of filmmaking has its own practices, with some common filmmaking fundamentals found throughout. If you are waiting for the right medium to narrate your stories to the world then films is a correct medium.

Cinecraft Academy has such courses to help you master the whole spectrum. Taking admission for filmmaking courses at Cinecraft Academy will open doors for unlimited work opportunities for students.

First understanding everything about the basics of filmmaking is important for one to become a professional filmmaker and with that one needs to get practical experience of filmmaking. Cinecraft Academy is the best institute for commencing these filmmaking courses in a very short time span.

Cinecraft Academy’s Long Term Course i.e. LTC filmmaking course covers all the important topics from photography, cinematography to script writing and after effects. Our modules are designed in such a way that students will receive holistic development. In LTC, students are introduced to photography, cinematography and direction; along with these important topics this course gives chance to make a feature film. All the above mentioned topics are taught with precision and our experienced faculties make sure that students are getting deep and proper knowledge of every topic. This course will help you channelize your creativity and transform you into a professional filmmaker. This course will help you in creating your portfolio of work. LTC filmmaking is offered in three different durations: one year, one and half year and two years.

Well, the long term filmmaking course will help you in understanding the process of filmmaking, how to think about the concept of film, teamwork, functioning of various departments while making a film. With the practical experience of working on short films and a feature film. LTC will help you learn many technical details of film making and introduce you to world cinema. Students will get mastery over video production, pre-production & post-production work, sound recording and editing, too. Along with theoretical studies students are given a lot of practical experiences of handling various cameras, directing, creating short films, etc. Major benefit of a long term course is ‘Feature Film’ which gives complete experience of working on a film.

After completing the course there are numerous opportunities which students can grab like script writing, screenplay writing, pre-production, execution, casting, direction, line production, etc. as they become the master of all departments a film would need. Not only in the film industry but filmmakers are gaining opportunities for various online platforms, corporate film making, big wedding shoots, teaching faculties, TV serials, OTT platforms all over the world. And as the film industry is growing rapidly there is no lack of potential and quality offers for filmmakers. This short term course of filmmaking will provide you with good knowledge of film making, transform your personality, make you familiar with industry standards and help you make a firm career as a filmmaker.




Module Includes:

  • Introduction to Films
  • Introduction to Cinema
  • Prospect of a Director
  • Introduction to Film Language, Grammar & Techniques
  • Continuity in Cinema
  • Semiotics & Metaphors in Cinema
  • 7 rules of a Director
  • Cinematography
  • Staging & Blocking
  • Understanding Point Staging
  • Staging of Camera
  • Mis-en-scene
  • Silent Cinema
  • European Cinema
  • Hollywood Cinema
  • History of Indian Cinema
  • Regional Cinema
  • Bollywood Cinema
  • Genre of Cinema
  • The emergency of Media in India
  • Radio & Television
  • Blink Theory
  • Budgeting
  • Pitching
  • Editing
  • Sound
  • Marketing

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