भारत सरकार GOVT.OF INDIA & maharaYT`/ Saasana महाराष्ट्र शासन REG.NO/ATC/2017/515, INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED STANDARDS AN ISO 9001: 2008 & 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COURSES


Sep 29


We _*CINECRAFT ACADEMY OF FILM AND TELEVIION*__ are offering you to attend specially organised FREE


We believe everyone is an artist, so we provide a platform to outshine their hidden talent.

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Aug 29


A photographer expects appreciation than attention. 

We, Cinecraft Academy of Film & Television, are appreciating our students of Photography by showcasing their artwork in the Photography Exhibition.

Bindu- A Phot

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Mar 7


No Registration Fees Required! Learn the ACT of ACTOR with us.
Come And Awake The Actor In You..!!
Learn The Art Of Acting. A Perfect Guide On How To Be An Actor.

Day: 8th March 2020
Time: 11 am to 1 pm.

For Free Registration:

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Apr 26

Free Film Making Seminar 6th March 2017

We’re drawn to filmmaking that can transport us. Film can immerse you, put you there. – Katheryn Bigolow.

Films are the perfect escape. Films provide a new perspective to life. We, at, Cinecraft Academy of Film and Television Institute, Pune, alwa

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Jan 6

Top 5 Directors in Bollywood All Time

Bollywood industry is the heart of India. Each and every Indian watch at least one movie in the theatre. No anyone film industry is as popular as Bollywood.

There are some critics who stay always busy comparing between Bollywood and Hollywood. But, they

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Dec 19

Top 5 Tips for Kids Acting

Acting means enactment. Portraying various emotions as and when required. An actor is a talented person with the ability to switch between emotions on command. When it comes to kids acting mostly parents leaning towards creating a career into the acting and

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Dec 3

Top 10 Bollywood Movie


Director of Dangal is Nitesh Tiwari and Aamir Khan is the pro

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Nov 8

Acting Classes In Pune

Movies, Television serials are considered as the most trending timepass for the audience however the same thing means career to someone inform many roles. Acting classes in Pune provides the most important role in movies a

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Nov 6

Type Of Lenses

A good photograph has multiple factors behind it including the skills of a photographer, scene, type of camera and lenses. Lenses are considered as the most important part of the camera and a photographer should understand the difference between multiple le

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Oct 11

Unknown Facts About Amitabh Bachchan

Interesting fact about Amitabh Bachchan

If we consider Bollywood as a temple then Amitabh Bachchan will be the most worshipped god. He is the most dynamic, solid actor Indian Cinema has ever seen!
Today Big B turns 77 years old! Here are a few unknown

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Sep 7

Photography for beginners

What is Photography? 


Everyone, even a kid would answer this question for sure. Photography is nothing but capturing moments or real-life events in a device and treasure it for life. In technical terms,

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Sep 24

Tips How To Look Good Front of Camera

  •  Shoot a lot, only keep a few.

Professionals would only keep only between 1-10% of photos with them. Models don’t just walk on to set, take one photo, and leave. Change your angles and what you are doing. The more options would be av

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Sep 10

Tips on Under Water Photography

  • Safety is always first

The first rule of underwater photography is safety you’re dealing with an entirely different set of issues as soon as you step off dry land and you need to be aware of how to keep yourself and the wildlife around yo

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Aug 27

Tips on Product Photography


Shooting a Product on a Plain Background

You can use an infinity cove to create a seamless background. An infinity cove is a curved, all-white space that gives the background the appearance that it goes on forever. You can also use Photoshop, a

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Oct 23

8 Amazing tips on Being an Actor

Learn Your Craft

Too many people think that acting is easy. Just like any art form, acting is a craft and must be mastered. Take acting classes, watch other actors and take the time to hone your craft. There are a number of top-tier actors who make a point of

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Oct 16

6 Tips On How to Use Lights in Photography

  • The broader the light source, the softer the light.

A broad light source lessens shadows, reduces contrast, suppresses texture.

A narrow light source does the opposite. This is because, with a broad source, light rays hit your subject f

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Sep 25

Top 10 tips for Mastering the art of Motion Photography..!!


#1: Plan ahead! sCarefully plan where you will set up.  This is probably the biggest mistake for action photographers. Since the action will mostly occur near the goal, that is a much better place to set up.  No matter what action you are goi

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Sep 10

Tips on how to get the Villain out of you


  • Understand exactly the kind of villain your character is.


Is your character a sociopath, a psychopath, a person who snapped and became psychotic, or just someone who is plain evil? To know exactly how they would be

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Aug 29

Top 7 Tips On How To Capture Pictures During Indian Festivals

  1. Choosing your gear

Since festivals provide us with a lot of photographic opportunities, ranging from wide angle to telephoto perspectives, hence, it is always wise to carry two cameras with two different (wide and telephoto) lenses. However, it

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Aug 21

Top 6 Digital Cinema Cameras Used For Filmmaking Oscar Nominated Films


The Arri Alexa  is a digital motion picture camera system made by Arri first introduced in April 2010. The camera was Arri's first major transition into digital cinematography after smaller previous efforts such as the Arriflex

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Aug 14

Top 10 DSLRs

  • Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon's EOS 5D series of cameras has a rich heritage – the original EOS 5D bought full-frame photography to the masses, the Mark II unleashed Full HD video capture for the first time on a DSLR, and while the Mark III

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Aug 10

Top 10 Interesting Facts on Akshay Kumar

Top 10 Interesting Facts on Akshay Kumar

  • His movie “Chandni Chowk to China,” was the first film to be allowed by the Chinese Government to shoot a fight on the Great Wall.
  • He was ranked #9 by Forbes in its first global list of hig

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Jul 10

Tips on Method Acting

  • Pinpoint the emotion

Think of what your character might be feeling and find your personal memory that fits well with your character’s experience.


  • Connect your emotional memory to current emotions

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Jul 3

Top 8 Tips On How To Start To Write A Comic


Read all the comics/ graphic novels/ web comics, you can get your hands on. It would help you to get some ideas.


2) Research your Idea

Uniqueness is the key for any story telling…So you need to researc

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Jun 26

Top Best Sci Fi Movies of All Time

The Matrix

This movie is every teenage boy's dream. There's action, fighting, cutting-edge special effects, murderous robots, evil authority figures, an overriding pseudo-conspiracy theory and, most wonderful of all. No doubt this had to be on the top

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Jun 22

Top 10 Interesting facts on Salman Khan

  • His name is not just Salman Khan, but it is Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan. He shortened it to Salman Khan when he entered Bollywood.
  • He always wanted to be a writer like his father Salim Khan and still intends to do so.
  • If not for the movi

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Jun 19

Editing tips for Films

Top 5 Editing Tips For Film Making

  • Cut Tight

The best editing technique is to cut tight between scenes without becoming too jumpy. This can be done by taking out unnecessary pauses between actors’ dialogue delivery of lines or sometim

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Jun 5

Top 8 Main uses of Colors in films

Top 8 Main uses of Colors in films

  • Today, design experts are all aware of the impact of colors while using them in media. The movies posters themselves show several layers of information through color symbolism; if stripped of colors, they will not con

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May 29

Top 10 Tips On How To Deliver A Comedy Role

Top 10 Tips  On How To Deliver A Comedy Role

Find your funny.

Being aware of what makes up your personal "funny"—finding the comedy in yourself and your everyday life—is the first step to becoming a successful comedy actor. Your sense

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May 25

Interesting facts on Sachin

  • Sachin Tendulkar is India's first active cricketer to be nominated to the Rajya Sabha.
  • He was named after Sachin Dev Burman, the erstwhile India musician. Sachin’s father was a huge fan of his music.
  • Sachin used to win a coin from his

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May 23

Top 10 Cricketers Who Tried Their Luck In Films

Top 10 Cricketers Who Tried Their Luck In Films


While the Delhi High Court has dropped fixing charges against him, he is prepping up to make another entry into the Indian team and the entertainment industry as well. He will be seen in Pooja

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May 8

Top 10 Bollywood singers of all time

Mohammad Rafi

The most versatile singer India has ever produced, sang each song with such distinction, that left the listeners spellbound. The effortless transition across the entire range without any strand of strain, flawless emoting made h

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May 4

Top 10 Interesting facts on Martin Scorsese

  • Martin worked as a news editor at TV network CBS after graduating NYU.
  • Scorsese suffered asthma as a child. As a result, his family used to take him to the movies for his entertainment, which is where his passion for cinema started.
  • Scorses

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May 1

Top 10 Villians of all time

  • 1.PRAN :

Pran lived his whole life entertaining and scaring the hell out of people. He was the “King of villains”. Villains of the black-and-white era were usually caricatures, but Mr. Sikand introduced a measure of complexity. And

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Apr 24

Top 10 Best Documentary Film Maker

He is a director, writer, producer.Founded his own production company in 1963. Has staged several operas, besides others in Bayreuth, Germany, and at the Milan Scala in Italy. Herzog has won numerous national and international awards for his films. “Grizzly Man

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Apr 17

The Timeline of Cameras

History and timeline of Camera

  • It all started back in time of camera obscura - a device that used lens or pinhole to project images upside down on viewing surfaces by ancient Greeks and Chinese.
  • In year 1544, this camera was used by Reiners G

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Apr 13

Top 8 Interesting Facts On Chak De India

Top 8 Interesting Facts On Chak De India

  • The Chak De girls (as they were popularly known) were trained in a hockey camp for 4 months so that their game didn’t look artificial in the movie.
  • John Abraham was the first choice for Shah Rukh

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Apr 10

Top 10 Best Comedian of All Time


Johnny Walker:

Badruddin Jamaluddin Kazi, popular as Johnny Walker, was a bus conductor before becoming a comedian. He was introduced by Guru Dutt in Bollywood. His role ‘Johnny Walker’ made him world famous in no time. He acted in

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Apr 6

Interesting Facts On Inception

Top 10 Most Interesting facts on the film Inception

  • If you take the first letter of the main characters Dom, Robert, Eames, Arthur, Mal and Saito you get DREAMS.
  • Nolan first started writing Inception in 2001… 10 years before he started

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Mar 27

Top 8 Interesting Facts On The Late Veteran Actor Mr Om Puri

Top 8 Interesting Facts On The Late Veteran Actor Mr. Om Puri

  • The actor made his film debut with the Marathi film, Ghashiram Kotwal, which was based on a Marathi play of the same name.
  • Puri was born in Ambala, Haryana to a Punjabi Hindu famil

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Mar 20

Photography Courses In Pune

Photography Institute in Pune


What is Photography?


Photography is a greek root word, originated by word photos which is a genitive of phos. As the meaning go

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Mar 13



1 Mumbai-based company Murphy Enterprises has sent a legal notice to the producers of Barfi for using 'Murphy', 'Murphy Radio' and 'Murphy Munna' in the title song as well as in the film without any written permissio

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Mar 6



1 WATCH FILMS CRITICALLY- If you are interested in becoming a film director, start to use your film viewing experiences as a way to learn about film making. Watch as many films as you can and pay attention to the

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Feb 27

6 Basic Tips For Beginners On Cinematography

Top 6 Basic Tips For Beginners On Cinematography..!!

1 Learn

Internet is a wonderful source of learning where you can learn ABC to XYZ of cinematography. The best way you can learn cinematography is by watching as many movies as you can. Be attentive

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Feb 20



1 Outline- Plan out your story first, and you can then use an outline that guides you through the progression of your story. Much like a roadmap, an outline will tell you where you are and where you are goi

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Feb 6

Top 4 Tips on How To Face A Camera for Acting..!!

Top 4 Tips on How To Face A Camera for Acting..!!


1 Be Relaxed  -The best thing you can learn about movie acting is relaxation. Camera picks up every little thing that you do. It even helps you listen and react to your sce

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Jan 30

Top 5 Photography Tips To Take Your Pictures to the Next Level!!

Top 5 Photography Tips To Take Your Pictures  to the Next Level!!

 1 Compose in Thirds- To use the rule of thirds, imagine four lines, two lying horizontally across the image and two vertical creating nine even squares.When a photog

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Jan 17

Top 5 Digital Photography Mistakes And How Not To Make It..!!

1 BLURRY PICTURES- The most complaints coming from amateur photographers is that their images have come out blurry. Various ways to solve this issue include using a tripod or a monopod choosing a higher ISO setting for faster shutter speeds or using

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Aug 13

Mission Mangal CineMeter

Some say it has been a trend in the industry to make patriotic movies to get mass profit. But at some point, it is great to have such movies to keep the patriotic feeling alive which also spread awareness in the society. Mission Mangal has raised the market

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Mar 21


Power Ranger – CineMeter..!!

Power ranger is about five ordinary teens who become something extraordinary, when they learn that their small town of Angel Grove - and the world - is on the verge of being destroyed by an alien threat. Chosen by destiny, t

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Jan 10


Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior

Om Raut

Action, Biography, Drama

Ajay Devgn, Ajinkya Deo, Kajol, Sharad Kelkar, Saif Ali K

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Dec 20

Mardaani 2 Movie Review

Cast: Rani Mukherjee, Tahir Raj Bhasin , Jisshu Sengupta , Aanant Vidhaat Sharma.
Writers: Gopi Puthran
Genre: Drama

The movie Mardaani 2 released on the 13th of December. The movie

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Dec 12

Interesting Facts about Rajinikant

Top 10 Interesting Facts about Rajanikant

We always talk about Bollywood and Hollywood, comparing between these two industries.

Rajinikanth was born to Ramoji and Jijabai Gaikwad, a Maharashtrian couple, living in Bangalore

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Sep 30

Interesting Fact About Ranbir Kappor

Ranbir Kapoor, a chocolate boy who has been awarded as the best actor three times, today turned 37 years old. Here are a few interesting facts about Ranbir Kapoor.
Ranbir Kapoor’s full name is Ranbir Raj Kapoor. He carries his grandfather’s

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Jun 30

Transformers The Last Knight


Director: Michael Bay

Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Isabela Moner, Josh Duhamel, Anthony Hopkins, Peter Cullen

Genre: Action,Drama, Sci-fi

Story : Transformers: The Last Knight, is the fifth in this series of the film

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Mar 17

The Beauty and The Beast


The Beauty and The Beast

Cast: Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Kevin Kline, Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson, Stanley Tucci

Direction: Bill Condon

Genre: Fantasy

Story: Beauty and th

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