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Type Of Lenses

Nov 6
Type Of Lenses

A good photograph has multiple factors behind it including the skills of a photographer, scene, type of camera and lenses. Lenses are considered as the most important part of the camera and a photographer should understand the difference between multiple lenses along with their importance. 


There are multiple types of camera lenses and this article will help you to understand them 


Standard Lens 


The standard lens is the basic lens used in the camera and is considered as the basic type of lenses. The lens has a mid-range focal length of around 50 mm. This type of lens has an angle of view which is as equal as a human’s capacity of viewing. 


Macro Lens


The macro lens is considered another important lens when it comes to types of lenses. Macro lens are used to take close up shots. The construction of these lenses in a way that they sharpen the picture than the standard lens. 


Telephoto Lens


We must have seen the long lens a journalist carries! That is right, the long lens is called a telephoto lens. Such a telephoto lens is considered the most important lens among the types of lenses. This lens is used by a photographer to click the shots at the moderately far distance. 


Wide Angle Lens 


You must have seen landscape photos that cover the maximum area in the picture. To cover the maximal area in the picture one needs to have a lens that has a feature of a wider angle with short focal length. Among all the types of lenses used by photographers, the wide-angle lens is the most appropriate one. 


Specialist Lens 


All the above types of lenses come with specific features and characters. Specialist lenses allow a photographer to use it according to his or her needs. One can adjust the length, angle of the lens as per the requirement. 


These are a few basic but must know types of lenses for a photographer. 



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