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Top 8 Tips On How To Start To Write A Comic

Jul 3
Top 8 Tips On How To Start To Write A Comic


Read all the comics/ graphic novels/ web comics, you can get your hands on. It would help you to get some ideas.


2) Research your Idea

Uniqueness is the key for any story telling…So you need to research on your whether has anyone done this? Have they done it better?

Why put in all your time, effort and money into something that no one will look at? So always do your research.


3) Finding or Working with an Artist

You need to find an artist who can help your dream come true.. and if your good at all the drawings and graphics you wouldn’t need this step..


4) Format

This is extremely important to work out. This helps determine what kind of artist you want and how you want to script.


5) Scripting

By understanding scripting formats, you can actually give the artist the right information they need to get your comic made as you don’t want any of their time to go to waste.


6) Find something specific that sets your character apart from all others of their type.


Everything can be done has been done. And no matter how much you try to avoid that, you will find that your character is similar to another. Instead, try to focus on what sets your character apart from those of his or her type.


7) Write what you want to read.


If you write something that pleases yourself, it can be genuine. You need to please yourself first than you can to others.


8) Discover the dramatic force - The tension between the good and the evil.

From the beginning, decide what makes the story move forward. What does the hero want? What does the villain want? How will you arrange this conflict so that it fuels the events of an entire book?


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