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Top 4 Tips on How To Face A Camera for Acting..!!

Feb 6
Top 4 Tips on How To Face A Camera for Acting..!!

Top 4 Tips on How To Face A Camera for Acting..!!


1 Be Relaxed  -The best thing you can learn about movie acting is relaxation. Camera picks up every little thing that you do. It even helps you listen and react to your scene partner. Staying relaxed might seem easy, but when the director is behind schedule and running out of daylight, the pressure falls on you: the actor. So always stay relaxed.


2 Ignorance is bliss -For the rest of a person’s career as a film actor, the camera would be right there. But it has to be ignored. In fact, when the camera is rolling, only you and your scene partner exist. Everyone else disappears. How is it possible as an actor to accomplish this? You hang on to your scene partner's eyes. The most important facial feature on film. Don't switch your focus from eye to eye. Instead, pick the eye that's closest to the camera lens.


3 Check on your habits -The ones which are been referred out here, in particular are the ones that might prove distracting to a director or an audience. These include: excessive blinking, over-active eyebrows, flipping hair, touching face, licking lips, sighing, crossing-arms, hands in pockets, etc... But if you tape yourself and carefully self-scrutinize, you will be able to eliminate these habits altogether.

4 Don’t harm yourself -As an actor, it’s a person’s goal to choose which imperfections to showcase in your characters. Just don’t let your own habits, affectations, and mannerisms get in the way of giving a great performance.




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