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Photography for beginners

Sep 7
Photography for beginners

What is Photography? 


Everyone, even a kid would answer this question for sure. Photography is nothing but capturing moments or real-life events in a device and treasure it for life. In technical terms, Photography is an art of creating durable images by recording light on an object by means of electronically or chemically. 

Photography is the art and practice of a photographer who captures and stores the life moments.


The photography was originated by the Greek word “Photos”, genitive of “light”.

The basic of photography is seeing the image and capturing the same. 


Types of Photography 

While people are following their passion as a photographer in the meantime a few of them dream to be a professional photographer. There are various types of Photography Course in Pune options available to start a career as a photographer. Here are some of the top options-


  1. Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is one of the top commercial photography types. Photographers get a lot of creative portraits. Being a wedding photographer, one has to concentrate on clicking and reserving the best moments of people. 

  1. Portrait Photography 

Portrait photography involves photographs of a person or a group of people. This type of photography captures the personality where a photographer has to take care of light, the model, backdrops and poses.

  1. Product Photography 

Product Photography is the topmost type of photography in the field of marketing. You are willing to brand your product then you need to look for a Product Photographer. 


  1. Fine-art Photography  

Photographers are known as artists and magicians and the reason behind such amazing nametags is Fine Art Photography. A photographer shares a message and expresses his ideas in a photograph.

  1. Fashion Photography 

Fashion photography is a genre of photography where a photograph tells about clothing and other fashion items. This type of photography comes under fine art as well as product photography. 

Few more types of Photography are mentioned below:-

  • Architectural Photography

  • Travel Photography

  • Advertising or Lifestyle Photography 

  • Photojournalism 

  • Pet Photography 

  • Sport Photography

  • Aerial Photography

  • Scientific or Speciality Photography

A career in Photography:- 

Photography is a vast field. Thousands of people develop photography as their passion. But when converting the same passion into a full-time career is not everyone’s cup of tea. With the variety of genres in the field of photography, there are multiple career options. Depending upon the type of photography the career option changes. 

You can choose to open your own firm as a photographer. Also, you have the advantage of working as a freelance photographer in multiple top brand companies. Being a photographer adds up many benefits. You can be full time as well as a part-time photographer. A lot of industries and companies look for a photographer who can help to promote their brands and products on a daily basis by covering the photoshoot.

Photographers are as creative as a poet. If the poet expresses his thoughts in words, the photographer does it through words, which is more attractive for the audience. A photographer can start his or her own brand. A photographer can be part of media and journalism by joining the news and media field. 

The most glamorous and never-ending industry, film & television industry provides opportunities to photographers for every event. If a photographer is having knowledge about video editing and shooting he or she can start working as a cinematographer.

Cinecraft Academy of Film & Television provides training to the people who dream to be a successful photographer. We help our students to convert their passion and hobby into a career with hands-on experience about every photography type. 



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