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acting academy in pune

Have you ever thought about what was the first recorded act in History? After a long search by Cinecraft Acting Academy in Pune, we found the answer is 534 BC. This was the greek performer. His name was Thespis and the name of the theatre was Dionysus.

So from the above lines, we got one thing that we have a very long history of acting. We meet on a daily basis with at least one actor from TV, Social Media or Youtube. The field of acting is very vast, So if you want to enter in this industry then you must need one mentor for your career.

Which is The Best Acting Academy in Pune?

Acting field or Bollywood industry is the fastest growing industry in India. As this industry is growing fast, growth in technology, tricks and methodology also change rapidly.

To match your acting skill with this fastest-growing Industry we, working as Acting academy in Pune. In this Acting academy, we create the environment of actual field situation of shooting, so you can develop very well for the industry.

Acting School in Pune OR Acting Academy in Pune?

There is not much difference between these two things but, In school, you have to collaborate with multiple students. So if there are minimum props present in the acting school then maybe you have to wait for your number.

At the other side, the Acting Academy in Pune will take only 20 students in one single batch. The props and other required instruments for acting are also available insufficient amount. So it will be better for you to learn in an acting academy rather than acting school. Visit Cinecraft Academy of film and television youtube channel

Difference Between Acting Academy in Pune / Acting Institute in Pune?

There is no such kind of difference between these two phrases. Both terms are the same, the working strategy of these two also same. Just because we are working in the Education sector these two terms are used by the public. Also, there is another line for Acting classes in pune

Acting Courses

In Cinecraft you will get a variety of courses such as acting, photography, filmmaking etc. But, when we talk about the single-acting course then you will get 3 main courses.

  • Acting Short Term Course
  • Acting Long Term Course
  • Advance Diploma in Acting

Let's have a look at them..

Acting Short Term Course

Our Acting Faculty and most talented Management Team developed this course for those people who are interested in this field. They just want to develop their acting skills to keep their interest alive. Those people who don’t want to make a series career in this field can join this course. The duration of this course is 6 Month. After completing this course you will get the Certificate from Acting Academy.

Acting Long Term Course

If you are young and just completed your graduation, But you want to make your career in the acting industry. Then this is the best course by our acting academy. As usual, anybody can do this course who are ready to show their talent in this field. This course has a total of 1 year of duration. After completing this class you will get a Certificate. After completing this course you will be master in all 9 Ras which are the core skills of acting. Within this course period, you can also attend workshops and event arranged by Acting Academy.

Advance Diploma in Acting

The best acting course ever! Once you complete this course after that you became the perfect professional actor in Bollywood. Our Acting Faculty did amazing syllabus for this course. You have to put 2 years of life for this course and we are much more aware of your valuable time. The syllabus is divided into different sections. In the first section, we will complete introducing of acting and detail technique of acting. After that, you will learn 9 Ras, Character Study, Voice Modulation, Audition Techniques and many more things...

4 Interesting Facts About Acting

Everyone knows that the life of an actor is very bright. Today’s time you have do just one film and your popularity will start to grow rapidly. The reason behind that is Social Media.

Only Two Things Are Required To Become An Actor Back in Days

As we discussed above that acting is originated in Greek and the lifestyle of there people was very sophisticated from all time. At that time people's dreams to become an actor on greek stage. For that only two main things are required. Singing and Dancing, With the help of these two skills any actor gives best perform on stage in that era.

Irregular Work Hours

Generally jobs hours are 7 to 9 and saturday and sunday leaves. In some cases holiday is for only one day. I can be any day from Monday to Sunday.

But in case of Actor there is no such kind of work schedule. They have to be available for any time on particular decided date. And timing may late night or early in the morning as per the shot requirement.

Multiple Income Sources

There is no any specific salary for actor. If he did movie then maximum chance to hire him on contract basis. For that contract he has to play his role during shooting as well as at the time of promotion also.

Except movie actor can earn from various sources such as endorsements, fashion jobs and advertisements also.

Little Preparation

When movies budget increasing faster than decided amount then every actor’s practice time gets reduced by management team. So at that time Actor face the situation of minimum time to prepare for the shoot.

Top 3 Talented Actors in Bollywood

As we discussed above that, in past days you require only dancing and singing to become an actor. After that, the world is changed and the requirement of the audience is also changed.

Cutting edge technology is one of the toughest challenges in front of any actor. Because of technology audience can easily read or know the facial expression of any actor. To improve your facial expression for acting you have to join the acting academy in Pune.

Let’s see the talented actors in Bollywood -

Amir Khan ( Mr Perfectionist )

Everyone knows the style of this actor. He is the perfect actor in Bollywood. Amir khan is always aware of his actions. Lagan, Ghajini, 3 Idiots etc. are one of the best movies are done by him. He shows his acting skill in Mela, Taare Zameen Par also.

Real-life of Amir Khan is just opposite to his filmy life. He is very humble in nature, and punctual also. Lagan was nominated for OSCAR, but because of some technical issues in the film, it wins runner up prize.

Ranveer Singh ( Wears Unexpected Clothes )

This is one of the rising superstars in Bollywood. This young actor shows his acting talent in Bajirao Mastani, Simmba and Gully Boy etc.

He performed khilaji role in Padmavat which is the best acting performance of his career. He married with the most talented actress of Bollywood Deepika Padukone. This young actor has still a very long distance to cover for becoming Superstar of the industry.

Ayushmann Khurrana ( Consecutive 7 Hits )

He is one of the successful roadies all the time. He saw lots of struggle in his career and start acting from Vicky Donor. This film was low budget but became the best hit movie at the box office.

Ayushmann is a multi-talented actor. He can do acting as well as singing. He chooses the movie script very smartly. He shows his talent in every role which he played on the screen. today's every child wants to become like this star Acting Classes For Kids in Pune

To become a talented actor like these 3 you have to join the acting academy in Pune.

Top 3 Talented Actresses in Bollywood

Bollywood is blessed with amazingly talented women as actors. These women are the core of the Indian Film and Television industry. Some of these women built their careers from scratch, right from learning acting to making contacts in the industry and focusing only on the important aspects of their career. Many of them failed but tried again and are now the shining stars of the industry. These women are highly appreciated all over the world. Some of these actresses are now the top actresses in Bollywood and some in Hollywood as well. Let's take a look at them.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone was born in Copenhagen and raise in Bangalore. Deepika was a badminton player when she was young. She left her career as a badminton player to be able to concentrate on her career as a model. Since then she made her first debut in a Kannada movie named Aishwarya. Deepika played opposite Shah Rukh Khan in a romantic role in 2007 in the movie OM SHANTI OM. Deepika got her big breakthrough this movie and was a well-known actress throughout India.

The viewers loved her appearance on the big screen and her acting. Deepika holds two Filmfare Awards as the actress of the year. She has also worked in Hollywood alongside Vin Diesel in the movie XXX Return of Xander Cage. Her work in the movies Cocktail, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Piku is well known and she plays a different role in each of the movies flawlessly.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is well known as the miss world in 2000. Although she aspired to become an aeronautical engineer she did not refuse offers from the film and television industry which led her into modelling and then acting. Her first movie Hero: A love story released in 2003. Priyanka has been well known ever since. Her work in always different.

She successfully plays all the roles. Her movie Fashion was very realistic and brought the very truth about the fashion industry ahead. Her recent movie The Sky Is Pink was the most amazing movie that Indian viewers loved. The story is scripted in a very realistic way and Priyanka's role is, as usual, the best.

Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt was born on the 15th of March 1993. She is a holder of 3 Filmfare awards and is the highest-paid actress as on 2019. Alia Bhatt is the daughter of Film director, Mahesh Bhatt and actress Soni Razdan. Alia Bhatt made a debut as a child actor in the movie 1999 thriller Sangharsh. Her first debut as an actress was in Karan Johar’s movie, Student of the Year.

Since then Alia is the most wanted actress in Bollywood. Her role alongside Arjun Kapoor in the movie 2 States was a hit. She has carried out many roles of various genres excellently. Her work in the film Raazi is well appreciated. She has also done many rom-com movies such as Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania. Her acting skills have developed over the years making her an unbeatable actress. She is one of the most progressive young actresses in the Indian Film and Television Industry. To became like Alia join Acting Academy in Pune.

10 Tips For Acting Course

Acting is an offbeat career path and definitely not an easy one. Despite the talent in the acting field one should consider taking an acting course to enhance your skills. As far as a profession in the acting industry goes taking training or courses in acting is a must. 

Acting Technique Classes

The most important class for any actor to attend to make a career is taking acting technique classes. In an acting technique class, you will learn all the basics of acting by using a specific method. The skills you learn here are what differentiates you from someone who doesn’t know how to act and someone who has some skill in acting.

Considering Audition Training

Auditioning is not similar to acting. In auditions, you have to present yourself to prove yourself as an actor before you show yourself to the world. It’s always a good idea to include a course of audition classes in your training because auditioning is not easy by any means and can sometimes be even more difficult than the performance itself. Most actors dislike auditioning because they’re not good at it, and there are many ways to either screw up your audition or succeed at it.

On-camera scene study

These are the same as above, but the only difference is that after you break down the scene and practice it, you also get to be put on camera, which is extremely useful and gives you a chance to get used to performing in front of the camera.

Actors in an on-camera scene study class will learn how to control their vocal levels, how to know where to stand and where to go, and all other on-camera acting technicalities of which there are millions. Trust me, 9 times out of 10, a new actor will need to take this class, and a director on a professional film set will thank you for taking it.

Work on Voice or Vocal

Voice modulation in your acting course is as important as working on your acting skills. As an actor, you would want to build your skills on vocals so that you get an opportunity to work in different fields. 

Cold Reading Classes

Known as cold reading in the US and sight-reading in the UK, these types of acting classes delve even deeper into the auditioning process and explore just one single part of it – reading from the script, analyzing it and doing it right in front of casting directors.

The main thing you’ll learn in a cold reading class is how to quickly prepare the text: how to read it, break it down and analyze it, memorize your lines and deliver them. This class is particularly useful for actors going out on a lot of commercials, as those types of auditions usually give you much less time to prepare, but the class is good for any aspiring actor in general.

Improvisation Classes

Improv class are not required for actors auditioning for film, television and theatre, but they’re almost a must for actors pursuing auditions for commercials. This is because improv is not only about comedy timing and being funny; it’s also about getting out of your head and being able to think on your feet, fast.

Body or Movement Classes

While some classes may be called exactly that, most of these classes will not be labeled as “body and movement” and will have different names depending on which background they are based on. They will have something in the title to imply that it’s that type of training, however.

Work on your memory skills

Acting is not only about expressing your emotions but also knowing when to use what emotion! For this, you need to remember your script and you need to work on your memory skills. 

Lights, Name, Action!

Form a circle with your actors. Each one must share their name and a unique four-beat action such as tapping an elbow four times, patting their head four times, etc. After everyone has gone, have your first volunteer make eye contact with someone else, say their name and action, then switch places with that person. That named person continues the pattern as quickly as possible with another name and the four-beat action. This is a great way to get to know names, you can start each session with this activity and speed it up as your time together goes along.

Studying scenes

There’s only one class that you should continue taking on an ongoing basis, while keep switching and learning from every other class. That ongoing acting class is the scene study class – make sure you’re always, always in a scene study class (it’s better if it’s on-camera).

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